Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Catfood and Fractions?

Here are the posters from today's math congress. I hope you will go to voicethread and leave a comment. We have a class account.
and the password is room## where you have math. In your comment talk about the strategy and what you understand. You need to pick a picture to talk about at voicethead, then comment.

Or you can comment on these slides from today's class.

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Have a great day off. Please comment and complete your growing post!!

Here are the slides from today.


Jann 8-73 said...

i picked slide 2, i think they used equivilent fractions to get how much one can costs.

and for the 2nd way on how they did it, they divided the number of cans and the price to get how much one can costs.

I think this group did an awesome job but they should have used markers to make it more easier to see/read.

Lester873 said...

Slide 4
I picked slide 4 because they used LCD and divided the number of dollars by the number of cans. They did this to compare how much each can costs.
They did this to show Maria's Pet Emporium had a better deal

naaadine s. 873 said...

i chose slide 2, because they used equivalent fractions to get their answer.

for the second way, they jus divide the number of cans and the price to get how much a can cost.

Maria's Pet Emporium is better than Bob's best buy.

mariya 873 said...

i picked slide 4
i picked this slide because i like how they were organized and how they did their strategy.
i think dividing the number of cans by the price was the easiest way to get the answer.
i think they did a good job. [y]

melissa 8-73 said...

i chose slide 4
they divided the number of cans by the cans they will know how much one can cost..

hanah 873 said...

I chose slide 16. I liked how they did it. They used a good strategy. Me an my partner sort of did the same thing.

Jenna 8-73 said...

i chose slide 16 . For their first strategy they divided the price by the number of cans to find out the price for one can. For the second strategy they found the least common multiple, which is 60, and they found out how much 60 cans would cost for each. I understand what they did and i think they used a good strategy. My partner and i also figured out the answer by dividing.

Michael Jordan 873 said...

i chose slide 7, i think they tried to find out how much 1 can cost and they compare it.

the second way, they use LCD to find what is the best store to buy cat food

i think this group did a great job.

karen 8-73 said...

I choose slide #4 . I like how they organized it and at the same I also understand their strategy

ivanneu873 said...

i picked slide is oraganized and neat...i also understand their strategy because it is clearly written...