Tuesday, November 20, 2007

KevinY's Scribe Post

This is a picture of mine and my partner's Pennsylvania Turnpike investigation. Im going to show how i did all the work me and my partner did during our class time. But today during class we found out the number lines were wrong so i made new ones to show my work.

1) How many gallons of gas and what fraction of a full tank of gas did Maria use on the turnpike driving from her house to Lance's house?

For # 1 we just subtracted 352 by 242 to 110 miles. Then we divded 110 by 33 to get 3.3, we didvided by 33 because Maria gets 33 miles per gallon. So 3.3 is the same as 3 and 1/3 so she used 3 and 1/3 of gas to get from her house to Lance's.

2) What fraction of a full tank of gas did she use on the turnpike driving to the combined distance from her house to Lance's house to Alicia's house?

For # 2 we already knew that from Maria's to Lance's is 110 miles so then we did the same thing to # 2 which was subtract the 2 mile markers (55 & 242) to get 297 then we divided 297 by 33 we got 9, so then Maria used 9 gallons to get to Lances to Alicia's so the fraction is 9/15 or 3/5.

3)How much time will she spend driving on the turnpike when she drives back home to Philadelphia?

First, we turned 110 miles into time which was 1 hour and 50 mins.- Then, we subtracted 10 minutes to get 1 hour and 40 mins because we couldn't find another way to get 1 hour and 40 mins.- We did the same thing to 187 miles and we got 3 hours and 7 mins then we subtracted 10 mins and we got 2 hours and 57 mins.- We added it together and we got 4 hours and 37 minutes


Mr. H said...

Good Job Kevin. Could you lose the center justification on your text. Put in on left justification. Good use of text and pics.


KevinT 8-73 said...

good job, and nice pictures (yy)

mariya 873 said...

i thought you did a good job. i also thought you explained your answers well.

mariya 873 said...
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hanah 873 said...

i think you did good....well, i was your partner...anyways, good job.