Monday, November 26, 2007

Jann's ScribePost

Hey Guys this is my first scribe post.

So...this scribe is kind of the same thing as the other ones BUT the tests are back and everyone is correcting them, asking people what the right answer is and such. So I am going to talk about what I did and what strategies i used and how the heck did i used them to answer the problem.

SO in the test, the first thing i did was try to solve how much ingredients were used in 12 i repeat, 12.

To get how much ingredients are needed in 12 cups i had to figure out how to get from 2 2/5 to 12. I Turned the fraction (2 2/5) into a decimal ( 2.40) then i kept adding 2.40 until i got 12. which is 2.40 x 5 = 12. So i multiplied all the ingredients by 5, and also the money which is $3.60

Then, to get the 1/2 cup of BMS (thats what Harbeck said coz hes a lazy teenager) I divided each of the ingredients for 12 cups by 12 to get how much one cup is. BUT, 1 cup is not 1/2. To get 1/2 you half all of the ingredients of 1 cup of "BMS" to get 1/2. So getting 12 cups first actually helped me get 1/2 cups. and my drawings in paint is kinda like a ration table but in list form. Oh! Woops i forgot the money for 1/2 cups. So ill just describe it, since $18 is for 12 cups you do the same thing with the ingredients you divide it by 12 which is $1.50 then by 2 equals $0.75

Do i still have to do a growing post? coz this is the same thing i just coppied the questions for the growing post coz thats what Mr Jerema said.


naaadine s. 873 said...

nice scribe post jann!

Chelsey 8-73 said...

WOW! Your so smart. You did a really good scribe post! I liked how you explained you work clearly and used pictures at the same time. GOOD JOB!! =]

mariya 873 said...

wow, i liked how you explained everything soo GOOD. hahaha. well, good work. :D

Allison8-73 said...

You did an awesome job on your scribe post. You explained everything so well and it is really easy to understand!!