Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Kadille's 2nd Growing Post

question no.1

1. in this growing post, i used ratio table because if i got the unit fraction and its value, i can do anything easy and i can explain it clearly, but also the strategies that can be used are money, clock, double, number line and more...

2. i used ratio table or sometimes called T-table or T-chart to show how the fraction change into unit fraction and the value other fraction, ratio tables or T-charts are also used to show patterns.

3. i could use these strategies in solving a problem especially this one and it shows how is the problem solved...

4. in 6 cups... i need to multiply a number into 2 2/5 to get 6.and that number
will be mutiplied into the given infor
mation are: 2 2/5 cup container with 1 1/5 cup of spicy shreddies, 4/5 cups of peanuts and 2/5 of pretzels, and the solution will look like this:

5. for 12 cups the ratio table looks like this:

the given infos are given and this will be the ratio table i will use in solving the problem

the first and important thing that i will do to help me to solve the problem in a short period of time, thats why i chose ratio table. i need to find what number will i use to get to 12 cups from 2 2/5 cups. and the solution looks like this: 2 2/5 X n = 12 cups. to find the multiplier (the number that is needed to multiply in multiplicand, and multiplicand is the number to be multiplied to another number which is the multiplier), we need to change the equation to 12 divided by 2 2/5=n but in dividing fractions, all mixed number is needed to be changed to improper fraction and you must get the reciprocal of the equation by inverting the numbers and changing the division symbol to multiplication symbol and the solution looks like: 12 x 5/12=n that makes it easy to solve so the answer and our multiplier will be 5. and the number five will be multiplied to the given number of cups with all ingredients, price, cups of spicy shreddies, cup of peanuts, and cups of pretzels to get the exact value of each ingredient to the exact cups and price.
the solution look like this:

i hope you can see how i used the ratio table and how i used number five as my multiplier, now the answer is now being shown and it serves as my conclusion for finding the price and the cups of the ingredients of 12 cups

*i used multiplication because the one that needs to solve is higher than the given number, reverse in division.

in 1/2 we will do the same process as the other one but 1/2 cup is lower than the given number of cups so the solution will be in reverse.* now i will show you the ratio tale with the given infos for 1/2:

in the solution that i did for 12 cups i did it here in reverse, i will get the divisor, like the multiplier of 12 which is 5, and i will divide it into the given informations
so the solution to get the divisor is 2 2/5 / n = 1/2. i will make the equation to the better one and it looks like this: 2 2/5 / 1/2 = n. now the answer of that equation would be 4 4/5, but in dividing fractions, the mixed numbers must be changed into improper fractions and because it is a divisor we will get its reciprocal by inverting the numbers in the fractions so the improper fraction of 4 4/5 id=s 24/5. now that i got my divisor i will show you how it is being solved:

now you can see how i solve the two fractions in reverse, i hope you will understand what is the real use of ratio table and the reason why i chose ratio table...i love ratio table... i really love it! it is perfect to use ratio table in this problem, i just learned ratio table this year and i love the use of this strategy or method for solving a problem like this.

in 1 cup, the procedure in solving this problem is the same as 1/2 the easy thing is i had the records of 1/2, i will just multiply it to 2 to get one cup and the results is shown like this:

for question number 2

for question number three:

for the fourth question in this growing post


Anonymous said...

i did this to show how ratio table is being used and to solve the problem

naaadine s. 873 said...

nice growing post kadille! you explained it very well.

Anonymous said...

now that i finished my work...i hope u can comment in my works especially in my 3 voicethreads, and i hope it can help you especially if these informations will be used in some tests or examinations. thank you!

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my self evaluation

question no.1

question no.2

question no.3

question no.4

total math work:


Jullian 8-73 said...

good job Kadille I like how you explained youre answers and use them as pictures