Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mariya's Pythagoras Growing Post

Part I:
A pythagorean triple is a right angle triangle that has three integers (which are a, b, and c.) that satisfy a² + b² = c².
An easy example is 3² + 4² = 5², but, the example I'm going to use is 6² + 8² = 10².

another way to show 6² + 8² = 10² :

Part II:

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Part III:
You've just picked up a ground ball at first base, and you see the other team's player runnig towards thrid base.
How far do you have to throw the ball to get it from first base to thrid base, and runner out?

Part IV:
Danny's dog house is shaped like a tent. The slanted sides are both 5 feet long and the bottom of the house is 6 feet across. What is the height of this dog house, in feet, at its tallest point?

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spmath said...

Since both sides are equal in size you could just slove any of the 2 right triangles and since the the bottom is 6 across you need to divide it by half.
a squared+b squared=c squared
5 squared+3 squared=c squared
25+9=c squared
34=c squared
square root of 34=square root of c squared
*the height would be 5.83m