Saturday, March 15, 2008

Angelo's Scribe

Mr. Jerema is teaching us , and he introduced "Pythagoras" to us. We learned that a triangle can also be a right angle.
We first learned about the three basic angles. He showed us that a circle has a 360º angle. If we cut the circle in half it will be 360 divided by 2 and it will turn into a 180º angle, also known as a straight angle. If we cut the semi - circle in half, it will be 180 divided by 2 and it will turn into a 90º angle, also known as a "right angle."

So if we make a right angle and then add the extra line to make it a triangle, it will make a "right angle triangle." In a right angle triangle, there are two legs and a hypotenuse. The legs are the two lines to make a right angle, and the hypotenuse is the longest line.The legs can also be labeled "a" and "b." The hypotenuse will always be a "c."

To find the area of a rectangle, you would have to multiply the length (a) and width (b) together. But if you want to find half of the area, it has to be Length(a) times Width(b) divided by two. If you want, you could also cut the rectangle in a triangular way (it will be the same thing).


spmath said...

you did a pretty good explained it well but i think you could use some illustrations to explain it more clear.karla

annedenisse 873 said...

You explained it well with words but like what karla said, maybe you should have drawn in diagrams to make it extra clear.

nadine 873 said...

great job angelo. you explained it well, i like your diagrams.