Monday, March 17, 2008

Karen's Pythergoras Growing Post

Part 1:
Describe what a Pythagorean Triple is and use your perfect square chart from 1 squared to 10 squared to find another one other than 3,4,5. (Note: You need a picture, not simply text.)

A Pythagorean Triple is a right triangle that uses a set of numbers (1,2,3 ... etc) that satisfy a2 + b2 = c2

1x1= 1
2x2= 4



Example of Pythagorean Triple using the perfect square chart

Part 2:
Using embeddable web 2.0, describe how to find the missing side of a Right Triangle using the Pythagorean Theorem, show how to solve both for a missing leg and the hypotenuse (note: you may use numerical examples ie. a=4 b=6 c=?)

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Part 3
You've just picked up a ground ball at first place, and you have see the other team's player running towards third base. How far do you have to throw the ball to get it from first base to third base and throw the runner out?

To do this problem, the first thing I remembered after reading the problem is that you have throw the ball to get it from first base to third base, so then it would be half of the diamond then we know that its 90 ft. every base.
Then what we know now is that ;
a= 90² b=90² c=?


There are two people running 9 miles north and then 7 miles west. What is the shortest distance, to the nearest tenth of a mile, they must travel to return to their starting point?

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