Monday, March 17, 2008

Kadille Dave's Scribe Post

Finding the missing side.

this talks about finding a side of a right triangle using the formula in Pythagorean theorem. the formula is a squared plus b squared is equal to c squared.


To find the missing side, the formula is needed to be labeled exactly as the given. There are 2 ways to solve a problem like this.

This shows how the formula changed from the default one. This will help to solve other sides like the smaller leg (a), and longer leg (b).

C is done as an example. it is blurry

another problem is missing a side. it is not c but b. (click on the picture for better looks).

click the picture to enlarge.

click the picture to enlarge.


Michael Jordan 873 said...

nice job kadille. i really understand your explanation and nice diagram

spmath said...

nice job kadille keep it up-Karla

annedenisse 873 said...

I get everything in understandment. But maybe next time you should just make your pictures bigger instead of making it another link?