Wednesday, March 19, 2008

jordan's scribe post

Worksheet B


You've just picked up a ground ball at first base, and you see the other team's player runnig towards thrid base. How far do you have to throw the ball to get it from first base to thrid base, and runner out?
Answer: Description of the picture

first, I wrote the Pythagorean theorem and then, i replaced the a squared and b squared to 90 because the legs are 90 squared. second, I solve the exponent numbers and then I add the answer to get 16200. third, i have to find the square root of 16200 in fraction and decimal form. for the fraction i use the chart to find it, i know that 127 is between 11 and 12 so my whole number is 11, to find the numerator i count how much needed to be 127, to find the denominator i add the bottom in the perfect square.

(click the picture to enlarge and see the solution)


spmath said...

nice job jordan but i think you could have explained it more rather than using pictures only-karla

Jann 8-73 said...

Good Job on your scribe jordan, but maybe you should have explained what you did more

nadine 873 said...

great job jordan, maybe you should explain it more. nice diagrams though.