Monday, March 17, 2008

Jann's Pythergoras Growing Post

Part 1)
The Pythegorean Triple is a right angle triangle that uses a set of numbers such as 1,2,3,etc. This set of numbers has to be a decimal, also this set of numbers has to satisfy a² + b² = c² For example, this set of numbers can be 3,4,5. Since 3² is equal to 9, 4² is equal to 16 and 5² is equal to 25. a² = 3 , b² = 4 , c² = 5²
Here are some sets of numbers that works with the pythegorean theorem

-6² + 8² = 10²
-8² + 15² = 17²
-7² + 24² = 25²

If you put that in a diagram it would look like this..

You notice that C² is always the hypotinus. The hypotinus is the the line conecting 3² and 4² together, The vertical line and the horizontal line can be a² or b² usually, the vertical line is a² and the horizontal is b².

In another way you can prove that 3 squares make a triangle look at this diagram...

Part 2 )

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What i did here in my bubbleshare is first i wrote down the Pythegorean Theorem which is a² + b² = c²
Then i worked my way through to get the value of ?² on the first part all i had to do was add both of the numbers to get ?² which was c². The 2nd part was a little bit tricky because b² was missing so what i had to do was make the ?² by itself so i subtracted both sides and ended up with the answer.

Part3) Heres part three of my growing post, Sorry if the question is wrong but I got it out of my head, i kinda remember all the important stuff in WORKSHEET A

Problem: You are locked you of your house, the only way in is an open window on the second floor 25 feet above the ground. Youre going to borrow a ladder from one of your neighbours. There are bushes around house so you have to put the ladder 10 feet away from the wall. What length of the ladder do you need to get to the window.

You see, what i did here was i made the formula of getting the measure of the hypotenuse by adding 25² + 10² to get the hypotenuse. I got the answer by using the calculator.

Part 4)

There is a building on fire, in the building each floor is 5 meters high. There is a child stuck in the 5rd floor. You are in a fire truck and you are 2.5 meters away from the building. How long is the ladder your going to use to put on top of the fire truck if the fire truck is as tall as 1/2 of a floor?


CARL8-73 said...

answer on part4 is


asquared + bsquared=c squared
2.5squared + 22.5squared=c squared
squareroot of 11,396.87=squareroot of c squared

spmath said...

my solution would look like this:
a squared+b squared=c squared
22.5 squared+2.5 squared=c squared
506.25+6.25=c squared
512.5=c squared
square root of 512.5=square root of c squared