Monday, April 14, 2008


This BOB is about the surface area and volume of a cube and a rectangular prism.

The Formula : 2(LxW)+2(HxL)+2(HxW)

Rectangular prism has three sides, (lenght, width, and height). The net and the 3 dimension are the 2 ways to represent a rectangular prism.

A cube has 3 dimensions to it. It can also be drawn the same way as net and 3dimensional. The formula that was used from the Rectangular Prism to get the surface area can also be used for the cube.

To get the surface area, you have to get the area of each side.
Area of top and bottom :
2(length x width)
Area of front and back : 2(height x length)
Area of both sides :
2(height x width)
Surface Area =
2(LxW) + 2(HxL) + 2(HxW)

Here is an example:

L = 8 cm
W = 6 cm
H = 16 cm
Surface Area = 2(LxW) + 2(HxL) + 2(HxW)
Surface Area = 336 cm²

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