Monday, April 14, 2008

Anne's BOB

On this BOB we have to post what we know all about surface area (sa) and volume (v) of a Cube and a Rectangular Prism..

For the Rectangular Prism:
A Rectangular Prism has 3 dimensions to it. Length, Width and Height. There are 2 different ways of drawing the Rectangular Prism. The first way is a net, which is flat, and the second way is a 3D way. To get the surface area of the Rectangular Prism you have to count the total units inside the net. But since that can be a handful, you can just use the formula to be easier. The formula is "2(Lxw) x 2(HxL) x 2(HxW) = SA" To get the volume, you have to multiply all 3 dimensions together like this, "Length x Width x Height." That is the formula for volume.

For Cube:
A cube also has 3 dimensions to it and can also be drawn the same way as those 2 examples for Rectangular Prism. The formula that was used from the Rectangular Prism to get the surface area can also be used for the cube. But theres an easier way, since a cube has 6 EQUAL sides, you can just multiply it by 6.

NET - Rectangular Prism & Cube

3D IMAGE - Rectangular Prism & Cube

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