Monday, April 14, 2008

Marc's BOB

The BOB is about the surface area (SA) and the area.

There are two ways you can illustrate a 3 dimentional cube. One is the cube, and the other is the net.

There are three parts to a cube or rectangular prism, the width, height and length.

To get the surface area of the whole prism, you have to get the area of each square used on the prism.

Area of Top and Bottom = 2(L x W)

Area of Front and Back = 2(H x L)

Area of Both Sides = 2(H x W)

So the whole equation should look like this

2(L x W) + 2(H x L) + 2(H x W)



SA = 2(L x W) + 2(H x L) + 2(H x W)
SA = 2(4 x 3) + 2(5 x 4) + 2(5 x 3)
SA = (2 x 12cm²) + (2 x 20cm²) + (2 x 15cm²)
SA = 24cm² + 40cm² + 30cm²
SA = 94cm²

Volume has a simple formula.
Volume = (L x W)H
Volume = (4 x 3)5
Volume = 12cm² x 5cm²
Volume = 60cm[cubed]

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