Monday, April 14, 2008

Jann's B.O.B

This B.O.B is about Surface area of a Rectangular Prisim and a Cube, and Volume of a Rectangular Prism and a cube.
First we talked about a recangular prism.

The rectangular prism has 3 different kinds of sides, the length, height, and the width. A rectangular prism can be drawn in two different ways. The net which is the reacngular prism in a flat diagram and the 3D Way which is the rectangular prism in 3D version.

To get the measurment of the surface area, is the total area of each sides of the rectangle or the cube, you have to get the area of each sides first.

To get the area of the top and bottom = 2(Length x Width)

To get the area of the front and back = 2(Height x Length)

To get the area of the sides = 2(Height x Width)

To get the surface area = 2(LxW) + 2(HxL) + 2(HxW)

This formula also works with a cube but instead of multiplying by 2 all the time, since all the sides are the same, you can just multiply it by 6 to get the surface area.

Then we learned about Volume, volume is the measurement of the inside of the recangular prism or the cube.

Volume has a very simple formula,

This formula can also be used on a Rectangular prism. Another formula for volume is (Base x Height) but the base of a rectangular prism and a cube is LxW which the same formula.

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