Thursday, April 17, 2008

Alexandra's Scribe Post

Surface Area of a Cylinder
SA= (πr²) + (2πrh) + (πr²)
The lenght of the rectangle is equal to the circumference of the circle.
Circumference (c) = πd (πxd) or 2πr (2xπxr)
radius (r) = distance (length) from the center to the outer ring.
pi (π) = is a constant and is aproximately equal to 3.14
diameter (d) = twice the length of the radius. (2r)
For example:

Volume of a Cylinder

Volume of a cylinder = area of base x height or πr² x h

For example:


aHerrera said...

You had very good diagrams, but i think you made a mistake at the volume of cylinder. You said pi,r,squared x b?

alexandra873 said...

yeah. i typed it wrong. but i corrected it already. thanks for telling =)

nadine 873 said...

nice job alex!

alexandra873 said...

thanks nadine =)