Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mariya's Scribe

today, we learned about adding fractions.
mr harbeck showed us how to add fractions with an example. our example was 4/5 + 8/15. we knew that 4/5 + 8/15 didnt equal to 12/20. so, what we did was find a common denominator. so, 4/5 became 12/15. what we did to get 12/15 was that we multiplied 4/5 by 3. now, we can add the two fractions. so, 12/15 + 8/15 added up to 20/15. 20/15 is an unpropper fraction so we changed it to 1 5/15 or simplified it to 1 1/3.

today, we also did another investigation. in today's investigation, we are doing a problem in two places in Brooklyn, Carrol Garden and Flatbush. what we know about the two places is that the community wants to build a park for their neighbourhood and both of their space for the park is 50 m by 100 m.
In Carrol Garden's, 3/4 of the lot is devoted to a playground and 2/5 of the playground is blacktop.
In Flatbush, 2/5 of the lot is devoted to a playground and 3/4 of the playground is blacktop.

these are our questions.
- is one neighbourhood getting more blacktop than the other?
- is there more blacktop space in one lot than in the other lot ?
- how would you convince the people in the two neighbourhoods that your conclusion is correct ?


Jann 8-73 said...

Good Job on your scribe, maybe you should talk about how you solved the invistigation, and good job on drawing the Map about adding fractions

naaadine s. 873 said...

nice scribe post and nice drawing!

annedenisse 873 said...

Your diagram is very understandable because it uses a line to connect so it can show you the next step you can do. Good job overall!

Michael Jordan 873 said...

good job, i really understand diagram and nice explanation