Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Angelo's Scribe

Today in class we learned different strategies to solve addition fractions. The three startegies were using clocks, money, and double number line ( also called Common Denominators).

We first startegy we did was clocks. We found out that the magic number for clocks was 60 minutes. After that, we figured out the numbers that would divide evenly into 60. They were 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10 , 12, 15, 20, 30, and 60. We did an exmaple question and this is how I solved it.

1/3 is 20 mintues on a clock. 1/12 is 5 minutes on a clock, but since it's 5/12 we just have to multiply 5 minutes, 5 times. This will get us 25 minutes. Add it together and get 45 minutes over 60 minutes. You could reduce it to 9/12. Reduce it one more time and get the final answer, 3/4

The second startegy we did was money. We found out the magic number for money and it was 100. After that , we figured out that 2, 4, 5, 10, 20, 25, 50 and 100 were the numbers that divide into 100 evenly. We did an example qeustion and this is how I
solved it.

The first number 3/10 was easy to solve , because the denominator, 10, meant that it was in dimes. SO all we had to do was multiply 3 by 10 and it equaled 30 cents over 100. The second number was easy to solve, because the denominator, 20, meant that it was in nickels. So all we had to do was multiply 9 by 5 and it equaled 45 cents over 100. Add that together and get 75 cents over 100. You might see it kind of looks like three quarters. So the final answer is 3/4.

The last strategy we did was double number lines. We found out that any number can go into it. We did an example question and this is how i did it.

Since 5/8 equals 55/88, by just multiplying 5 and 8 with 11.
3/11 equals 24/88, by just multiplying 3 and 11 by 8.
the number line was up to 88 since that was the denominator. we first did 3/11 (24/88) and added 5/8 ( 55/88) which equalled to 79/88.

This ends todays math class! Remember to finish your math homework.

1/2 + 3/10
4/5 + 1/12
1/3 + 11/20

5/20 + 1/10
2/4 + 10/25
17/50 + 2/5

Double Number Line:
6/13 + 2/5
1/4 + 6/8
12/19 + 1/3


Yumang 8-73 said...

nice job angelo. you have good explainations, i also like the diagrams you did its helps explain. good job

Jann 8-73 said...

Good Job on your Scribe Angelo, your explainations and your diagrams are easy to understand.

Michael Jordan 873 said...

good job angelo, nice explanation and i like the diagrams

Jomarie 8-73 said...

Good job on scribing Angelo. Your explaination was very good and the pictures also, but you could have just wrote the number not draw them.

Jullian 8-73 said...

Good job Angelo I like your diagrams it explains the answer alot better and it's easy to understand.

hanah 873 said...

nice job angelo. I like how you used the pictures and how you explained it.

ivanneu873 said...

i think you did a good job...your explanations were explained well and understandable...good jobjob!

Anonymous said...

good explanation,....your diagrams helped us to understand more of it...it is easy to understand..good scribing, you always make sure that your job is well done perfectly

annedenisse 873 said...

your very good at making your explainations thorough so people can really understand clearly. the diagrams help also

mariya 873 said...

i thought you did a good job. nice explaining.

Erece 8-73 said...

Good job angelo.Your explanations are easy to understand.

karen 8-73 said...

good job, nice explanations and pictures to explain each of them.

naaadine s. 873 said...
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naaadine s. 873 said...

nice blog! your explanations are very easy to understand.