Wednesday, January 30, 2008

jordan's scribe

the thing we did today in class was a question sheet about how do we use the method that Mr harbeck taught as. here is some question we did......

4. The weather fore caster says that it is 20 c in london but only 7/10 as hot in new york. how hot is it in new york?

answer: 14* c hot in new york

5. Skateboards cost $36 each in my local store. the shopkeeper says if i buy one I can buy another for only 7/9 of the normal price. How much would a second skateboard cost?

answer: $28 if you buy a another one.

6.Billy collected 256 conkers but lost?2/4of them in his way to school through a hole in his bag. When he arrived at school how many conkers did billy have left?
( you can choose any fraction you want to subtract to 256).

answer: 128 conkers left.


Kadille Dave 8-73 said...

good job! did it using software programs h? well handwritten pictures would be better...well its good though

NadineS. 8-73 said...

great job on your scribe post jordan! i can understand it very easily! :)

Jullian 8-73 said...

good job jordan good explanations and you made it easier to understand

alexandra873 said...

good job is all i can say ..

Erece 8-73 said...

great job jordan.your explanation are easier to understand.