Sunday, December 2, 2007

CARL'S 2nd growing post

1.What strategies were needed?
one strategy is the ratio table.

2.How did you use these strategies?
a.)for the 12 cups, i just multiply 2 2/5 to make it a whole number and when i multiply it by 5 i got 12, so the price should be also multiplied by 5 and the answer is 18.00.

* what did you do to the cups and prices, do it also to the parts.*

3.How could you of used these strategies.
you can use this strategy to find more amount of cups and prices.
4.How would you figure out the price of a 6 cup bag of Betty's Snack mix? the answer is in the second picture.
5.Find 3 other values (amounts of Snack Mix) that could be solved using the same ratio table. Find the $$ of your new container sizes.

1.)How much pizza does each student get in the different groups?
on the first group(sally,bob, gidget,biff and they have 3 pizzas)they got 3 slices each,the second group(stan,holly,berry,ben,itcheabibble and they have 4 pizzas) they got 4 slices of pizza each,on the third group (moose,eric,suzy,james,betty,veronica and they have 5 pizzas)they got 5 slices of pizza each,and the fourth group (paul,alex,chris,jughead,archie,reggie,midge,mr.witherbee and they have 7 pizzas)
and they got 7 slices of pizza each.
2.)Which group gets the largest portion of pizza?
the 4th group
3.)Show how you found your answer in 2 different ways.

4.)What strategies did you use in finding your answer.
i used the common denominator


CARL8-73 said...
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CARL8-73 said...

i commented on jann and jordan's work.

Michael Jordan 873 said...

Growing Post Question 1 Betty's Snack Mix Total 15

Growing Post Question 2 9

Growing Post Question 3 12

Question 4 Sharing Pizza's 14

48 total
formatting 19

CARL8-73 said...

Growing Post Question 1 Betty's Snack Mix Total 15/15

Growing Post Question 2 10/10

Growing Post Question 3 14/15

Question 4 Sharing Pizza's 13/15

51/54 total
formatting 21/21