Monday, May 5, 2008

Mariya's Scribe Post

When Mr. Jerema came in and substitute for Mr. Harbeck, we did some work on algebra.
We had to do two questions on a piece of blue sheet that Mr. Jerema gave us and we had to draw a table, describe the recursive pattern, describe the functional pattern and do the algebraic equation. After doing all of that, we had to draw a graph on graph paper.

So, the first one we had to do was called Car Repairs. On Car Repairs, Mr. Jerema drew a graph on the board, that looked like this.

We then had to draw a table and describe the recursive pattern.

After that, we do the algebraic equation and we described it in words.

Our second one was called Harbeck's Training, and we had to do the same thing as Car Repairs, but with different numbers.

Graph of Harbeck's Training

Table and recursive pattern:

Algebraic equation and describing it in words.

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Anonymous said...

those pictures made me feel better as i study your work...ty