Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Kevin Y's Scribe

My scribe is about Distributive Property
Terms that have the same variable parts are called like terms. The terms 2x, 4x, 5x are like terms. Unlike terms are 6x, 3x(squared), 4y. Only like terms can be combined.

To expand an expression with brackets means to remove the brackets by multiplying. This is done using the distributive property.

Distributive Property has 3 ways to do it.

For example for 3(y + 6)

Way #1
3(y + 6) = 3y + 4 x 6
= 3y + 18
Way #2

Way #3
x + 6
x + 6
x + 6
3x + 18

So Distrubtive Property is basicaly expanding the expression.
The best way to use distrubtive property will probably be Way #3 and #1 if Way #2 helps you understand better then use it.

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Anonymous said...

i like how you showes the algebra tiles and especially to that explaining 3x is equal to three x's