Thursday, May 1, 2008

Angelo's Scribe of Test Number One

On part one of the math test, we were given eight algebraic equations. Half were written out in numeric form, the other half, as written in words. For the numeric equations, we had to write down the correct word form for that equation. For example, the numerical equation would be 7x + 5x, and then we'd have to write it as seven times a number increased by 5 times a number. Like this:

When we were dealing with the written form, the equation would be like, nine centimeters less than 3/4 of length x. Then we'd have to write it into a numeric equation, which would be 3/4x - 9. Like this:

These type of questions ended the first part.

For Part Two, we were to complete a graph. We were given a graph and the first 3 figures of a pattern. The first 3 figures of the pattern were these:

The graph looked like this :
You had to fill three sides of the graph with the appropriate title.
We also had to create a T - Table showing our understanding of the pattern. It kind of looked like this :

After we completed the chart, and had it all filled out, we had to come up with an algebraic equation on how you would get from x to y. This was the equation needed:

You need to have the x equal the figure number and the y equal the number of squares. In our test these were what we needed to get the questions correct:

This ends the test, hope you guys learned a lot!!!

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